Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The photoshoot one...

Okay, so this is random. I got picked up to do a photoshoot in Toronto tomorrow. Say what? Where did this come from? lol

This girl on campus approached me today and said she's a makeup artist and she's doing a shoot with a photographer tomorrow and needs models. She said 'i've got the face for the look she wants to do'. Whatever that means.

Apparently i'll be with another girl and she's kind of giving us the 'rocker look'. Smokey eyes, make the cheek bones stand out. Basically what she said word for word since obviously this makes no sense to me.

But... i said yes. Why not? I'm pretty much done school since all my mid-terms and papers are done, and i only have one class tomorrow. Could be fun!!

I'll be sure to post pics when i get 'em. Assuming i like them...

Monday, November 17, 2008

The boy one...

Lol oh my, where to start on this one.

So yeah - i started a new job. That one we know. Check, done, got it. So i started this past Friday and i've done a couple of shadowing shifts with my 'trainer'. Who is... hot... by the way lol. Little do i know he has taken a liking to me, and i've definitely taken one to him.

He's a masters student in journalism and english, and he... intrigues me. His mind is fascinating. I love the way he sees things in life and the way he talks about things.

But there are 2 things abotu this situation... a) i work with him and b) he's... a few years older than me. 28 to be precise lol. God, the things i get myself into.

So now i've got to decide. I guess i'll just play things by ear... but i can already see where things will end up looking at how they are going now. Which isn't a bad thing! But it's a matter of figuring it all out and whether or not it's wise.

My friend, who is the most hopeless romantic, has told me to hop on it for sure! And another is hesitant. I'm aware it's my decision to make and not theirs, but i still worry about things. One more thing to add to my to do list in my brain lol. I'm amazed it's still functioning!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The friendship one...

Okay so can someone define the word 'friendship' for me? Cause last time i checked it had something to do with mutual trust and support.

I'm just kind of tired of it. It seems that i do so much work, and it's expected for me to do it. And then when i'm having a problem or a bad day it's either my fault or just sudden dismissal. Or when i get yelled at for stealing ONE strawberry from the mountain in the bowl and then goes and takes cans of my drinks, my printing paper, my lab book... like... wtf.

It seems i'm only good for when i'm needed. To reassure (over and over again might i add), to do something for them, to set up dates, to find out the 'inside scoop' from me. I almost feel used.

Anyways on a much more positive note - i had a mid-term this morning, personality psychology, that i studied 3 DAYS FOR!! I was so stressed. It was ridiculous. But i think it went really really well! Like there were a few of those "where the hell did this come from?" questions... but what test doesn't have those.

I really hope i did well though, cause i need to bring my average up. But it was definitely well worth the 3 days of stress i put into it. Let's hope the marks reflect that.

Well... back to studying anatomy i go. Yay bones!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Freud one...

So i've done a lot of work based on Freud's work, kind of part of being a psych major, but the other day i heard the absolute best quote about Freud's views:

"The human personality is basically a battlefield. It is a dark cellar in which a well-bred spinster lady (the Superego) and a sex-crazed monkey (the id) are forever engaged in mortal combat, the struggle being refereed by a rather nervous bank clerk (the Ego)"

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The procrastination one...

Okay so I lied... i will post right now.

I should really be studying for a mid-term i have coming this Thursday... but i can't bring myself to do it!! I'm pretty sure i've been in the library for almost 3 hours and i've only accomplished a pre-lab. Sad, really.

I can only handle so much work in one day!!

Oh and i got a job. Random i know. But it's actually a sweet story. We went to Kelsey's on Saturday for a rowing party... downstairs in the big sports bar. Two of my friends were bartending and i was complaining about not having money... so they told me i should apply!! So i did (obviously) and at 3pm the next day i get a phone call and i got the job over the phone. Amazing. Oh and the reason why i got the job - i'm from New Brunswick and so is he. Loves it.

Okay, time to go bore myself with an hour's worth of Abraham Maslow's work. Yay.

- Kyle

The beginning...

So basically i've created this blog in order to vent my feelings, views, issues, or anything else that may randomly decide to come to mind.

This is in no way directed towards anyone or any group, and i apologize in advance if anything i say offends anyone. I do not mean anything in a negative way - just trying to voice my mind.

Feel free to comment on anything, i would love to hear people's feedback and own views on certain things.


- Kyle